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Christmas Indulgence

Santa Claus standing on scale


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The lead up to Christmas can be a stressful time, sorting presents, kids holidays , general time management around this period becomes very hectic and I normal routines change quite considerably.Nibbles-courtesy-ofThe-Elm-Tree

I think one huge thing that changes is our diets and alcohol intake. This is mainly due to it being more available , socially being busy and friends and family inviting you over for nibbles , drinks etc.


I use to be very strict with my diet back when I was a professional athlete and wouldn’t eat high sugary foods, high fat, processed or anything that had to many parts or names in the ingredients. I was also T -total basically you could say I lived like a monk.

This has changed quite considerably now and that I have children my sweet tooth has come back, I drink occasionally and eat what I like but it’s the amount I still look carefully at. I think all of us and our eating habits change over the festive period which can lead to putting on a few pounds. We are more sedentary and eat more higher calorific foods, which simply means weight gain.

Santa Claus standing on scale

The reality is we have the best intentions on losing a few pounds and make suggestions , I’ll loose it in the new year, but it never happens and year after year the process reoccurs and we get heavier and heavier. Having a few extra pounds won’t have a huge impact on your health, but if we don’t change or break this pattern our health could be at risk.

Your see in the New year all the health and fitness establishments will be promotion and marketing hugely as these four months are known as the golden quarter , where most people join gyms and get tied into a 6 month or yearly contract. They know that a huge percentage after a few months will loose interest , motivation , while they still take your money. Sometimes we become so busy and say I must get to the gym ( and don’t) and we still let our payments continue, the gyms bank on this.

The main reason we let this slide is overkill , doing too much too soon, usually it’s not sustainable or possible and we may get injured and find it hard to return after a lay off once things have healed.

I know few of my PT clients both Male and female spend a lot of creams, mainly facial ones. Our skin is porous so anything we put onto it will be absorbed by the body. I’m a true believer in healing from the inside out so taking care of the basics first. If we can get on track spend attention in this area your skin will flourish without skin products that mostly full of chemicals.

Eating Clean


If we want our skin to be better we can stay hydrated by drinking more and eating a good nutritionally based diet. Eating clean, what do we mean by this , eating food in in its natural form (Raw) not canned or packet food/ processed food.
All these things produce Free radicals which damage our cells and age us , so it would be better to address this first by eating foods high in antioxidants to combat this. Rather than buying creams and potions to try and combat it.


If you are thinking of losing a few pounds and getting healthy after christmas – set yourself a realistic goal and make yourself accountable to someone, a friend or someone who may have the same goals.This will help you when your willpower maybe at a low point. Maybe doing something for charity that is close to your heart, your then dependable to probably making it happen. Because then the attention isn’t about letting yourself down but others.

From all of us here at the Kung Fu School have a wonderful Christmas and New year.

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