The Kung Fu Schools Short Guide on How to Boost Your Child’s Confidence and Beat the Bully

… secret strategies from our classes!
Dear Parent
Perhaps like me you’ve got fond memories of school days and remember them as the best days of your life. Fundamental years that shape our character, career and ultimately our future. Not to mention giving us the best
friends we’ll ever have.
As you look back I think you’ll agree that helping your child to have Rock Solid Confidence and Beat the Bully (because there always is one) isn’t just important …… it’s essential!
This short report aims to give you a taste of your child will
learn at the Kung Fu Schools.
Thank for reading and I look forward to meeting with you
Master Paul Hawkes
Chief Instructor

The Kung Fu Schools Kids Short Guide to Better Confidence and Beating the Bully [PDF Download]

Superb unrehearsed demonstration of Kung Fu training

Wow look at him go ………………….Connor’s only 6... this wasn’t part of the class, just a bit of impromptu training after their graduation party.
Proper, authentic Kung Fu classes for children from 4 years upwards. None of the martial dance, made up rubbish that plagues martial arts. Children learn Wing Chun Kung Fu at an authentic Kung Fu School but using modern training methods that encourage, motivate and reward children whether their shy, brash, confident, unconfident, sporty, hate sports.. they have fun while learning important life skills and martial arts skills.

Come along and see if it’s for you!!!! month free training hurry!!